Our Story

Our menu takes what we love from traditional seaside food and gives it a contemporary, Italian twist. Sitting at the mouth of the Black River, Dodie's remodeling pays homage to the building's original architecture while harnessing the nautical spirit of Lake Erie's coast. With local art and historical photographs, Dodie's takes pride in being the place where you gather for the food, for the ambience, and especially for the community. Here, find your destination restaurant for all occasions in Lorain. We encourage both family gatherings and intimate date-nights. Have a cocktail in the Bar Lounge with views of Black River Landing. Share a meal with friends or out-of-towners, and show off Ohio's charming lakeside.



A husband and wife team, owners Tim Smith & Jamie Porrello had always dreamed of
opening a restaurant together. Jamie liked to cook, Tim like to eat. Late into the night,
the two would pour over imagined menus and invent the perfect cocktails.
For Tim, his desire to open a restaurant grew from the 20 years he spent in the food
industry. Working in management prepared him for the business; but tending bar,
working in service, and communing with the folks of his neighborhood made him
realize his passion for it. 

Tim found he was a natural at fostering community.
Effortlessly, and always with his joy and humor, he could make people feel welcome.
For Jamie, her propensity for cooking developed when she was little. Her earliest
memories in the kitchen are playful anecdotes, lobster antennae atop her head,
standing at her grandmother, Dodie's side. Dodie's family emigrated from outside of
Naples to the U.S., and was a petite woman, but her presence in the kitchen was at
once bold and loving. She always had the culinary remedy. It was Dodie's magic to
bring people together through food. Dodie taught Jamie everything about cooking,
instilling it like value in her heart.

When Tim and Jamie's first child was born, they knew it was finally time to realize their
dream. The concept was to bring together the tastes of New England and aesthetic of
Northeast Ohio in a tasty ode to their history. When they found this location,
overlooking the water, and surrounded by all the special accents that make Lake Erie
and Lorain such gems, they knew this was a wink.
And so Dodie's was born:
A nod and prayer to the memory of a woman whose gift of bringing people together
through food will continue to resound strong – and deliciously!